Global Energy Consumption Report

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Energy consumption is loosely correlated with gross national product and climate, but there is a large difference even between the most highly developed countries, such as Japan and Germany with 6 kWh per person and United States with 11.4 kWh per person. In developing countries, particularly those that are sub-tropical or tropical such as India, the per person energy use is closer to 0.7 kWh.Bangladesh has the lowest consumption with 0.2 kWh per person.

A map depicting world energy consumption per capita based on 2003 data from the IEA.

The US consumes 25% of the world’s energy with a share of global GDP at 22% and a share of the world population at 4.59%. The most significant growth of energy consumption is currently taking place in China, which has been growing at 5.5% per year over the last 25 years. Its population of 1.3 billion people (19.6% of the world populationis consuming energy at a rate of 1.6 kWh per person.
One measurement of efficiency is energy intensity. This is a measure of the amount of energy it takes a country to produce a dollar of gross domestic product.


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