Employment in the US Healthcare Sector exceeds 17million

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Kentucky tops US States in Binge Drinking

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Booze is part of the American culture

Booze is part of the American culture infographic


Per Capita Consumption: 35.5 gallons
Drinking-Age Population: 2,151,719
Delivery Totals: 2,462,310 barrels


Per Capita Consumption: 35.7 gallons
Drinking-Age Population: 628,780
Delivery Totals: 723,426 barrels

South Carolina

Per Capita Consumption: 35.9 gallons
Drinking-Age Population: 3,217,986
Delivery Totals: 3,726,460 barrels


Per Capita Consumption: 36.8 gallons

Drinking-Age Population: 2,035,963
Delivery Totals: 2,413,764 barrels

New Mexico

Per Capita Consumption: 37 gallons
Drinking-Age Population: 1,394,230
Delivery Totals: 1,662,150 barrels

Back To School in US now a $84 billion Industry

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Source :InfographicArchive/Online Colleges

Back to school shopping is America’s second largest shopping event of the year Americans are going to spend $83.8 billion dollars on back-to-school shopping  in 2012