How does Retigence PRAN differ from other” forecasting tools

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Retigence predictive intelligence
How Retigence can help align your inventory with real time demand

Retigence PRAN™, ( Predictive Analytics Engine) is designed to give retailers better insights “into their overall inventory performance,latest position of their SKU’s and help them to plan better by providing a real time state of their ordering and reordering points and enable them to maximise sales, profit, inventorty insighy ailability and customer satisfaction

Among the biggest business challenge for retailers is their inability to meet business challenges due to stock out or excess of stocks . Additionally working capital is locked in excess stock adversely affecting profitability,which in turn lead to lost customers,and inability to retain customers

By quickly and easily delivering required information to store owners, purchases and other decision makers, PRAN™ helps retailers enhance decision making, ultimately leading to higher sales, gross profit and faster growth.


Start ups set to disrupt ” supply chain Inventory forecasting” for mid markets

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retail forecastingWhile most enterprise customers are well versed with the issues that plague their supply chain inventor problems a have some kind of solution to tackle compliance. However its the small and the mid market retail stores and chains for whom managing real time inventory remains a perpetual consistent, made more acute by lack of investment on an kind of predictive analytic engine or that gives them what they need, instead of having to buy the ” off the shelf solutions ” used by big and enterprise customers

Among many start ups who are trying to ” solve this acute inventory demand forecasting is bangalore based start up Retigence technologies who have developed a PRAN (predictive analytics Engine ) to solve this retail inventory distortion problem

Their engine is based on SAP HANA platform, we help stores align inventory with real time demand powered by our analytics engine PRAN. To know more about our solutions click here